After signing up for NYC Running Mama’s Superbowl Challenge, it looks like I won’t be running any extra miles this week… Thanks Giants! I must say, the game was really good last night. Still wish the Packers were in it! It came down to the final minute to determine who was the winner, and Eli Manning and the Giants pulled it out. The funny thing is, Eli isn’t known as a “great quarterback” per say (I did have him on my fantasy team this year, and he spent the whole season on the bench), but he does have two Super Bowl rings. That is one more than his brother, and he is only one away from tying Tom Brady. Interesting.

Of course, the biggest talk is always the commercials. I know a lot of people thought they were boring, but I thought there were a few good ones. I loved the Audi vampires and of course, M&Ms introducing Ms. Brown. I also liked the the Oikos Yogurt commerical (sorry Uncle Jesse), but my favorite was the Doritos one:




This morning was a recovery five in the park and I was happy that my knee stopped hurting FINALLY. It wasn’t feeling too hot on Saturday, but I think having more than a day of rest did great things for it. I also did my ab workout this morning and am completely stoked that I was finally able to step up my time for the plank.


Remember my Fabruary Challenge? Yeah, I’m supposed to get that time up to three minutes. Halfway there, halfway there.


What did you think about the Super Bowl commercials and game? Which commercial was your favorite? 

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