Oh boy. The knee is acting up again. I think it’s my IT Band, and I think it’s flaring up because a) this is my third training sesh in the past six months (sorry, I’m no Skinny Runner!) and b) I sit at a very uncomfortable desk chair all day that makes my legs hurt. How am I going to solve this? Today I’m going to go purchase The Stick. I’ve heard that it does wonders for your muscles, particular the IT Band. I used a spatula this morning to rub out the muscles and it instantly felt a little better (hopefully it’s not in my head). I also tried to use the tennis ball to stretch it, but with the looks my cat was giving me, it was a little uncomfortable.

Anyways, I didn’t have any knee pain as I headed out on my seven mile run this morning. I decided to do a tempo run in the middle of my run, which happens to be the park, to get rid of some residual anger from yesterday.

Why the anger, you may ask? Well, I had to make a trip to the god-awful Target in Atlantic Center. I don’t even know why Target wants this to be associated with their brand because it is nothing like a Target store. Imagine a tornado and hurricane intersecting, and you are beginning to imagine what a disaster this store is. One Yelper actually says it best:

However, the Target at Atlantic Center is not really a Target. It’s the Seventh Circle of Hell.

Last night I went in to buy a garbage can. They happened to have about 20 garbage can bottoms but no tops… where in the world did the tops go? I was lucky because they actually had chicken nuggets (yes, I actually eat those… don’t judge me) in stock, and generally this part of the store is a bunch of empty shelves with an occasional tumbleweed whisking by.

Small thing to be angry about, I know, but it’s almost like that place forces all the anger inside you to bubble over so I was kind of crabby last night. The tempo run made it better, until my knee got angry.

Although I did have some entertainment on my run. In Prospect Park, they are working on renovating a lake so it is more accessible to people. They have all of these signs up that say “Lakeside is for…” and the sentence is completed with phrases like skating, birdwatching, family, etc. Someone took a magic marker and very creatively completed some of these sentences, and came up with:

  • Lakeside is for argyle socks
  • Lakeside is for space travel
  • Lakeside is for corn flakes


I love the randomness.


Do you have The Stick? What do you think about it? Are there any stores that you visit that you know will just put you in a bad mood? 

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