As I have mentioned before, my fiance is a physical therapist. Which means I pretty much have 24/7 support for any question I have related to the body, training, etc. Oh yes, it’s awesome (and, I kinda like him for some other reasons, too :)).

Anyways, he said that I needed to rest this morning, especially since the Empire State Building Run Up is tonight. He also recommended that I go back to these hip exercises that were given to me a few years ago when I had severe shin splints. Apparently my butt muscle likes to tell my hip muscle who’s boss so it makes my hip muscle weak… but, that’s not acceptable in THIS BODY. Geez, hip muscles. Get it together.

He also recommended that I switch up my runs. As you probably know, I’m pretty much obsessed with running through the park. I always run the same way and have considered running the opposite direction, but almost start hyperventilating at the thought. However, even though I do add mileage before and after some days, my one leg could be working more because of how the roads are slanted, etc. Crazy that it would have an impact on muscles! So starting next week, I’ll be breaking my OCD running around the park in the opposite direction on some days.

Now, back to The Stick. As I posted last night, this thing is aaammmmaaazzziiinnngggggg… if you don’t have one, GET ONE. I was always really doubtful when people talked about this thing and how it works and blah blah blah. But it really does! Granted, I do have a bruise on my leg from using it and it IS painful (especially when you have  PT doing it), but it is so worth it. My knee pain is completely gone! I do have some soreness in the area, but I think that’s from working out the knots. There was a HUGE one that you could feel, but it’s gone now. Would it be awkward to take it with me to work? I’m that in love with it; I don’t want to leave home without it.

Oh, and last night I went to a debate at NYU about whether obesity is the government’s business. It was really interesting. On the for side, you had two doctors and on the against side, you had John Stossel and Paul Campos. It was interesting because I felt like the against side was using humor to get people to see their point, while the doctors had the facts and the real information. John Stossel’s main thought was that if the government started regulations around obesity, where does it stop? It will take over the world! Because he and John Stossel (who sounded just like he does on TV, weird) were going on the extreme side, saying that it meant that the government had to ban foods, build grocery stores, etc. Dr. Pamela Peeke (works for WebMD) and Dr. David Satcher (16th Surgeon General of the U.S.) were saying that it needs to be more of a partnership with private/public entities rather than a here are the government rules. Paul Campos was saying stuff along the lines of, there is no correlation between obesity and diabetes, that people can be obese and be healthy and that by making obesity the government’s business, you are eliminating body diversity.

Body diversity is not someone who is 100-150 pounds overweight. Body diversity is like us, runners who have more muscles than normal for people of our size, which may mean we are heavier on the BMI (which, Dr. Satcher did say is flawed for people who have more muscle) but are still fit. Everyone’s body is built differently — didn’t we learn that in elementary school? But, being obese does not mean you are healthy! He said that Arnold Schwarzenegger is obese on the BMI scale, but really, is all the muscle healthy? Is the fact that he used steroids to build that muscle healthy?

I could go on all day, but really, it was interesting and showed why we are in the boat that we are in. Something needs to be done. And I’m not quite sure how you get the majority of Americans to understand that it’s easy. You don’t need the next fad diet to lose weight, you simply need to consume less calories than you burn. Exercise = you burn more = you can eat a little more.

What do you think about the obesity issue? Is it something that the government needs to help with? 

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