As you know, last night was the Empire State Building Run Up. It was a lot of fun! I finished in 19:57, which I’m pretty happy with, considering I had no idea what to expect for this race (or even how to train). I thought that my legs would be dying today, but they aren’t even sore (they are tired… felt it in my planks this morning). I guess I can attribute that to all the miles I put on for marathon training? The part of my body that was having the toughest time was my heart. I felt like that baby was beating a million times a minute just to keep up with the blood I needed. I will post a full recap later.

Oh, and as we were walking back to get our bags/food, we saw this guy… which is even more amazing than just running up the stairs in shorts + tank top.

firefighter... in full gear


Since I’m still not sure how exactly my IT band is doing, I decided to do five miles this morning (as scheduled, but was considering doing the eight I missed yesterday as a rest day). It flared up a bit during the run, but is definitely much better than earlier in the week. Time for some Stick action (are you sick of me talking about this thing yet?)! This weekend we are going skiing (so I will be on hiatus from CRG for a few days), so I think a break from running and using different muscle groups will be beneficial to my legs.



Would you ever want to run the Empire State Building Run Up? Any fun plans for the weekend? 

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