When I finished my run this morning it was 18*. So not terrible, but at the same time BBBBRRRR considering we’ve have it really easy this winter. I did a recovery five miles — I suppose a recovery from our ski weekend?

Last year, we started a tradition to go up to Stowe, Vermont for a ski weekend (I have always wanted to do this… it took me a few years of convincing to get my fiance on board). My fiance had never been skiing before, and I had the bright idea that I would just teach him how to ski [note: I also taught myself]. Luckily it didn’t go too badly; we even made it up to the mountain and skied down a few times. I suppose this year, it was really made into a tradition since we were able to say to Vermonters that we head up there “annually.” We had a lot of fun this year — my fiance remembered all that I taught him last year and was really getting into it. I think next year I’ll be able to convince him to go on a blue.

Stowe, like the rest of the country, is suffering from not having a lot of snow. But, there was still enough snow on the slopes to have a powder effect. Although on Saturday, it was turning into pure ice since the temperatures were dropping to get ready for the -13 temperatures on Sunday. Let’s just say I’m glad we weren’t skiing in that.

it even snowed for a bit!

I really like visiting Stowe. It’s this sleepy mountain town that seems to come alive with tourists and skiers in the winter months. We stay at this place called the Green Mountain Inn, which is really quaint and has a B&B feel. Plus, the restaurant has this amazing corn chowder and bread. Like amazing as in you’ll never find it better anywhere else. Til next year, Stowe…

Now, sadly, it’s back to reality. Boo hoo.

Have you been downhill skiing before? Did you take a lesson? Do you have a hard time getting back into the swing of things after vacation?

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