I would hate to get a job where Friday was your Monday. It would take away all the fun of TGIF! It doesn’t really work well with any other day of the week.

This morning, I worked on my strengthening exercises and it might be in my head, but I feel like I can tell a difference! My muscles aren’t straining as much to do the exercises. I really hope this works. Five more days until I can run again… but who’s counting?

In other news, I am ecstatic because Meb, Kara and Desiree have all announced that they will be running the NYC Half. I didn’t get in again this year (boo), but since I’m trying to do the 9 + 1 for the 2013 ING NYC Marathon, I decided I’d use this race as a chance to volunteer… and signed up for the finish! Hoping that I’ll see these three awesome athletes up close and personal once again.


Last night, I had all of these terrible nightmares about work. It’s the worst. I hate dreaming about work, because I feel like I never get a break from it! I work in public relations and am coordinating this big media day next week, so there are a lot of “moving parts”  (awesome slang for the PR world). So while most people are looking forward to a three-day weekend (thanks George), I am looking forward to Wednesday because this project will be over! Anyways, have you seen all of the profession “what I do” memes popping up? Someone put one together for PR (still waiting for Runner’s World to do one for runners… or marathon runners!):


OK, I think they got most of it right. However, the “What I actually do” is a little wrong… we don’t watch YouTube videos all day, or spend our time creating them (unless you work for a really cool company). Most of our time is spent nailed down to a desk and computer, getting yelled at by cranky reporters and clients, while undergoing a lot of stress because nothing is never enough. And people wonder why I would love to go into nursing…


Did you hear about the guy who had a heart attack while eating at Heart Attack Grill? How fitting, right? This place sounds like the epitome of American fatness. Some of their entrees have as many as 8,000 calories. 8,000. That’s what a person is supposed to eat over the course of four days, and people are eating it in one sitting? And we wonder why we have such severe health problems in America. It is sickening.


I wrote about how much I love T-Rex Trying the other day (let’s face it, I have a slight obsession with T-Rex these days — I think it makes me slightly less crazy cat lady and more weird lady). New York (and pretty much the whole country) is obsessed with Linsanity right now… let’s just face it, Lin is pretty much awesome — he’s brought the best element of NCAA March Madness to the NBA (excitement). But of course, if T-Rex has anything to say about it…



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