The folks over at Pearl iZUMi sent me a pair of their Kissaki shoes to try out a few weeks ago. Ever since I switched up my shoes and got severe shin splints, I’ve been hesitant to change up my shoes. However, since these were neutral (which is what I normally wear), I wanted to give them a try.

love the colors


The thing I love about these shoes? They are SO light. I could tell a huge difference when I was running.

I also love how the tongue and laces are. I love that there isn’t a seam, so you don’t have to worry about getting that awkward bunching up that sometimes happens with the tongue.

this picture doesn't do it justice...


Overall, I enjoyed running in these and found them very comfortable. They were light, had nice cushioning and best of all, didn’t make my shins hurt! If you are looking for a good neutral shoe, you should definitely check out the Kissaki. Plus, the colors kind of rock (they also have black, hot pink and yellow = my favorite).

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