Happy birthday to George Washington! Technically, his birthday isn’t until February 22 but shhhh… we’ll just say it’s today. Anyone else have off today to celebrate GW’s birthday?

This is how I’m celebrating the big guy’s big day:

I’m still not running, but my leg is feeling much better. The IT Band isn’t as tight, and my strengthening exercises are getting easier so I’m doing more. That’s a good sign, right? The super smart PT (aka my fiance) said that I should be able to try running on Wednesday. He was trying to squash my race on Saturday (Al Gordon Classic 4M in Prospect Park) but I negotiated and it’s a go.

He also showed me this awesome ab workout that I am going to name the Swiffer. I should post pictures, because my description won’t do it justice. Basically you get on your hands and knees (start position) and put blankets under both. Then you move your hands forward as far as it’s comfortable for you, and bring yourself back up into the start position. Doesn’t sound so hard does it? Also doesn’t look that hard… but man, you will FEEL THE BURN. I’m still feeling the burn and I did them 1 1/2 hours ago. New workout to add to the rotation!

To further celebrate George Washington’s birthday, we are doing absolutely nothing today but bumming around on the couch. No complaints here. I have to do a call for work at 3 p.m. [grr] so it messes up any chance of doing anything fun anyways.

I did spend most of the weekend catching up on my magazine reading. I love reading magazines, but they often become a massive pile in the kitchen before I actually get around to reading them. Anyways, I loved this ad in Runner’s World:


I love the creativity… haha. I’ve heard great things about the Flying Pig Marathon and would love to run it one year. Sounds like it’s a really fun race and the organizers do a great job putting it together.

Speaking of Runner’s World, I bought its “The Athlete’s Palate” cookbook a few months ago and love it. It has a lot of great recipes and the thing I love most, is it doesn’t have all those random ingredients that are so hard to find. You know, like the random spice that you’ll only use for that specific recipe. Last night, I made Chicken Scalliopine.



It was so good! I did revise the recipe a bit because it called for big pieces of chicken and spinach, but I chopped it up and put it in the sauce. Plus, I made enough for two leftover portions + sauce to freeze for quick dinner one night. Love when that happens!


Have you run the Flying Pig Marathon? How are you celebrating George Washington’s birthday? 

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