Why are bears associated with bad news? They should be part of the good, too.

Anyways, before I get into that.

Last night, I took my second of two classes at Lion Brand Yarn Studio as part of my beginning crochet class. It was so fun and our teacher was great. She has actually been knitting and crocheting since she was 4. You know, back in the day before knitting and crocheting was the hip thing to do. I’ve been knitting for about a year and a half (also took a beginning knitting course at LBYS) and wanted to go to the “other side.” I’ve always heard that if you start with knitting, you’ll always favor it over crocheting, and vice versa. But, so far, crocheting is awesome… mainly because it’s easier than knitting and moves way faster.

Take this, for example. I made my fiance a new iPod case in less than 30 minutes last night. Knitting? That would have taken at least one, if not two hours. Maybe I’m just a slow knitter. But maybe crochet is just that much faster.

totally hipster.


I do have an awesome knitting project that I’ll share soon… just need to find some buttons (hello Fashion District!).

As I mentioned yesterday, I was in the clear for a three mile run this morning. I woke up to temperatures in the low 40s. Ah-mazing. Hello Spring. Since our laundry is waiting to be picked up, I kind of didn’t have any choice but to run in shorts and a t-shirt. It gave me a chance to break out the arm warmers, too!

The run went well. You know how when you focus on something, it tends to be more prominent? Well, I think that’s what happened with my IT Band. I was focusing on “is it hurting? what’s that twinge? is that a sign” so much that I think I almost convinced it to tighten up. I felt it during the last mile, but it really wasn’t in pain like before. It was more tight than anything. When I stopped and walked my half of block (so extensive, watch out) to cool down, I couldn’t feel it anymore. Which is a big difference because before, I would feel it for the rest of the day.

Improvements? I think so. But, I still have to focus on strengthening those darn butt muscles. Oh, and speaking of that… if you haven’t noticed, I am slightly obsessed with all the “what I really do” memes floating around this days (is it just me?) and came across this physical therapist meme this morning:


So true (especially the “what my patients think I do” — haha).


Have you fallen in love with the “what I really do” meme craziness? Are you enjoying some early spring weather?


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