Wahoooooo welcome to Friday. Even though it was a holiday week for me, it felt like this week was dragging by. Weird how a four-day week always seems to have that effect.

Even more exciting: I did a quick three miles this morning and felt NO PAIN in my IT Band! It did get a little sore towards the end of my run, but nothing major. I am so so so happy! Tomorrow, I am running the Al Gordon Classic with NYRR and the super smart PT (aka my fiance) said that if it doesn’t feel painful then, I can go back to my normal running routine.

This means that I’ll be able to squeeze in two 20 milers before Boston. I was only able to run two before NYC, where I set my PR. So, this shouldn’t be a problem. Especially considering that this is my third marathon in six months.

Hope your Friday is going as well!


So yesterday we were watching 106 & Park (the only show that seems to actually play music videos these days), and this new rapper came on the show… and he had a phone in his pocket. Not a cell phone, but like an actual phone with a cord. We thought maybe he was trying to make a fashion statement. But nope, it’s something from this company called FLX. For those who miss the old school feeling of a phone, you plug it in to your phone and can talk to the person through the actual phone piece.


You know, because that’s so normal to walk around with a phone in your back pocket…


So the Boston Marathon is less than two months away, and yesterday the BAA made an exciting announcement with Sam Adams. They are coming out with a special edition beer for the race! Called 26.2, it’s supposed to be a “lighter body” beer.

The 26.2 Brew — a German-style Gose beer full of electrolytes and a dash of salt — will be available at race-related events and on tap at pubs and restaurants along the Marathon route and around Boston.

I am not a fan of Sam Adams beers (I’ve tried almost all of them and none of them have a flavor that I love), so hoping that this is one that I like. And, I love this quote from Bill Rodgers:

“Marathoners work hard, and they want that reward at the end of the race,” Rodgers said at the Jamaica Plain brewery. “Runners are going to be psyched to look at this alliance.”

It’s one of those things where you really wish that you will just love it. I’ll definitely keep everyone posted!


One thing I do love are Skinny Tees though. Have you heard about this company? I am not getting paid to mention this nor does the company even know that I’m talking about them… unless their PR intern happens to stumble across this during their media monitoring… if so, hello there! Anyways, I can’t remember how I found them but they seriously have the best camis. They are so soft and the quality is amazing. The price is a little high, but so worth it.

best cami everrr (source)


Their slogan is the “Diet You Wear” because their clothing is supposed to help remove two sizes, which is kind of cool. I also have a racerback tank from them which is just as comfy.

Anyways, end brief infomercial. I found my cami this morning and just wanted to share the positivity.


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