This is how I had to preface my conversation with my FI (aka super smart PT) this morning after coming back from the Al Gordon 4M…


I might quite possibly be the most stubborn patient around. But, what is a girl supposed to do if you have to get to the park and it’s cold outside? Duh, run. And, after running a four-mile race that will most likely be a PR with no leg pain, how are you supposed to celebrate while getting back home from the park when it’s cold outside? Duh, run, times two.

So instead of the four mile run I promised to do this morning, I ended up running about seven miles. Oops.

But my leg loved it. Well, my entire body really. I felt so good in the Al Gordon 4M… I felt like other people around me were just going so slow. I felt so boxed in and spent most of the race trying to break away. Considering there were 8,000 + runners, understandable.

So really, this lengthy run is justified. I promise.

And my leg still feels amazing. Am I cured? Let’s hope… although my hip muscles definitely need some work, at least it’s progress.

I’ll post a recap of the Al Gordon 4M later. It was a great race and once again, NYRR did a fabulous job organizing the race and putting it on. I wish marathons I ran had as many port-a-potties as this race had.

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