Pre-race preparation: We had a delicious meal at Stone Park Cafe in Park Slope. I had a pasta dish and they had some unbelievable sourdough bread that hit the spot. Before the race, I had a handful of animal crackers and a couple swigs of water.

Actual race: As I’ve mentioned before, NYRR does an impeccable job of organizing races. There were so many port-a-potties at the start — more than I think I’ve seen at some marathons. NYRR also has a seeded corral start based on the fastest mile pace they have on record for you, which is nice. I think there were more than 8,000 runners so it was crowded. I felt like I was boxed in for about the first mile of the race and had to spend a lot of time maneuvering around people. I couldn’t believe how many people were cheering at the finish! They also had bagels and apples at the finish.

What I loved: NYRR always puts on a great race, so no complaints there. I love running in Prospect Park! The fact that I can get to the start in 10-15 minutes is amazing. I do wish that it wasn’t as crowded, but it wouldn’t make me not run this race again. It was also fun learning about Al Gordon — he sounded like an amazing man. He started running marathons in his 80s, and worked on Wall Street until he was 105.

Time: I haven’t ran a 4M before, so this is a PR at 30:11 — and I’m happy with my time! It even improved my time per mile pace for seeding for future NYRR races.


Overall rating (5 out of 5 ups):


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