This weekend, we were working on some new hip muscle exercises and realized how weak my hip muscles actually are. We added these to my routine:



And oh man, do they burn. Should a simple leg lift really burn that bad? I also tried doing some of these:


My hips are so weak, I couldn’t even do them properly. So I am now doing them without the resistance band to try and build up strength. Meh. Anyways, I did go for my regular Monday 5 this morning, and it felt really great! No IT Band soreness. I even ran the opposite way around the park, which apparently, running the same path/way over and over again can cause ITB issues. Who would have thought.

Afterwards, I came back and did my usual ab workout. Remember my monthly challenge, to do a 3 minute plank? We’ll see what the numbers say on Wednesday, but with all this injury crap going on, my focus really wasn’t on my abs.

Oh, and apparently running clothes are all the rage in cat toys these days?



Do you run the same path/way for your run every day? Have you ever had any issues with your hip muscles? 

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