You know what’s really annoying? When someone, who already has their mind made up about something that won’t make you happy, tells you about it and “wants to make sure you’re okay with it.” Really, what control do you have in saying how you actually feel because what difference is it going to make? It’s not going to change the overall decision because you are upset with it, right?

But maybe that’s my Wisconsin-ness coming through. I do know that we don’t really like confrontation, which some people take as a way to take advantage. However, I don’t think that’s true. While we don’t do well with confrontation, we do really well with passive aggressivity. Trust me, not the best way to solve things… but it can be oh so fun. 

Yesterday was a typical Monday where nothing seems to go your way. Ever have those days? It was like one minor thing after another, which made it into a no-good day. For instance, we bought a new hand-held vacuum (yay!) from Amazon and it was supposed to be delivered yesterday. It was delivered at 1:30, but when my fiance got home, no package. Called UPS, and basically they couldn’t do anything because Amazon wants to handle it through their claim process. Ugh.

So, we figured that somehow, someone snatched our package (UPS claimed they met the women customer upon delivery… umm, but I was at work… explain that one) and put in our claim, which ended up being that they would re-ship us our package for free (woo!). About two hours later, our door buzzed and here the UPS man delivered it down the street and the woman was nice enough to give it back to us. Apparently he couldn’t tell the difference between our address and her address. Anyways, Amazon is amazing (Maybe that’s where the “amaz” comes from? Ha, joking. Kinda.) and we were able to cancel our order.

As you can tell, I was ready for a run this morning. But of course, the IT Band had to act up a bit and was tight towards the end of my run. I think I need to spend more time with The Stick! It’s annoying because I feel like I’m 90% there but just can’t push it that extra bit to get over the tightness. Hopefully my hips shape up soon so I can really start focusing on Boston… it’s only six weeks away!


Are you good at confrontation? Have you ever had a package stolen? 

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