Happy Leap Day! I wonder how many babies are going to be born today that will have to switch their birthday… is it just me or would that kind of suck? I think I would choose to be a March baby because March is the coolest month to have a birthday in (but maybe I’m kind of biased).

Anyways, I wish I could say that I was doing something cool and exciting to celebrate this extra day of the year. Unfortunately, my day will be spent at work and by time I’m done, I’ll just be ready to come home and chill on the couch. I’m just so lame cool, you know?

Since I can’t do anything off-the-wall, here are the things that are making my day extra special:

Being featured on Girls Gone Sporty! Today I am featured as one of Girls Gone Sporty’s Sporty Women — check out my feature here! So excited to have this opportunity to share my thoughts about running and health. Also, take some time checking out the site — it’s really cool with a lot of great information and giveaways. And you know how much I love giveaways.

Knowing why my IT Band is being a jerk. Ugh, I feel like a broken record talking about my IT Band. But I must say, I am happy that I know why it’s being such a jerk and messing up my training plan for Boston. I am working hard to improve my hip muscle strength and actually read that having great strength in all of your muscles actually helps with your efficiency and speed. So maybe this will all work out for the better.

The new Shaun White gum. Yeah, I totally fell for the promo… six months later. Usually I don’t buy gum, but after my no-good day on Monday, I decided to splurge and get this. It is amazing. The flavor is wintermint and perhaps the best flavor of gum I’ve had in a long time. So worth it.

The Lion Brand Yarn Studio. Stores like this are what make me love New York City. It’s a store dedicated to selling yarn and crochet/knitting supplies. If you are into yarncrafting and even make it to NYC, make sure this is on your list to visit. It might be a little more expensive than Michaels, but shopping in a store where all the people who work there are knowledgeable about the craft makes a huge difference.

Leggings. I’m obviously a late adopter, but it took me awhile to pick up the leggings trend (let’s just say I used to wear them in elementary school when I couldn’t fit into jeans because of my chunkiness so I kinda had a bad history with them)… and I’m so happy I did! So comfortable and love that they pass as “work appropriate.” Perfect for a rainy day (really wish that was snowy day!).


What is making your extra day in 2012 extra special? If you were born on Leap Day, would you move it to Feb. 28 or Mar. 1?

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