Last year on my birthday, I came down with the flu. I’m pretty sure it was H1N1. I’m not exaggerating. It literally lasted for five days and was terrible. All I could do was sit on the couch and stare at the TV. I had no energy and managed to have the chills and sweats at the same time. Seriously, I felt like I was on my death bed.

So when I started feeling sick yesterday… I was like no no no no no no no not again! I literally felt as horrible as I did last year, and when I started getting the chills, I thought it was over. I slept for 11 hours last night and woke up this morning feeling almost 100%. My temperature also dropped back down to normal. PHEW. Of course, I feel like I have to attribute this to something and I think it’s because of taking vitamins and eating so many vegetables from eating salad for breakfast.

After getting sick last year, I started obsessively taking Vitamin C + one multivitamin a day. And now, I eat a few servings of vegetables just for breakfast itself. And I really do think it makes a difference.

Did you all study “In like a lion, out like a lamb…” relating to March weather and vice versa when you were in elementary school? This was a big deal in our school. I was shocked when I learned that my fiance — and many people in the south — had never heard of this saying. Apparently it’s one of those Midwestern things, like our obsession with hot dishes. So it looks like my March is rolling in slightly lion-ish, considering this near flu scare and the IT Band issues (which at least I’ll give another day or so of rest since I definitely don’t feel up for running!) but that’s a good sign because it means it’ll go out like a lamb, right? Weather wise, it’s on the line for being considered lion-ish since it’s just rainy and icky. But maybe that means it’ll go out like a lamb and we won’t get that spring snowstorm that I’m convinced we’ll be getting.


Do you think vitamins help fighting against the flu? Are you familiar with the lion and lamb saying? 

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