Quote of the week:

Me, last night reading Runner’s World, and its April article “50 easy ways to eat right, train smart, stay lean,” to my fiance:

“We eat pretty healthy though, don’t you think?” … as I take a sip of my Mountain Dew.


However, minus my terrible weakness of soda, Mountain Dew in particular, I do think that we do eat pretty healthy. We don’t eat out as much as many New Yorkers (only two, maybe three times a week) and for our meals at home, I try to focus on healthier options than out of the box stuff. Of course, I think there is room for improvement (ahem, said Mountain Dew), which makes me think I need to return to my monthly challenge of not drinking soda again… and continue my challenge for the three minute plank since it was somewhat sidelined. However, since my stomach is still feeling iffy from whatever I have going on, I am going to hold off until I feel better. A little bubbly like Sprite does great things when you have a not-so-well stomach, not going to lie.


Did you see the list of post-run beers that Runner’s World recommends? On the list is one of my favorite beers ever, Allagash White. Seriously, if you haven’t tried it, you have to. I think it’s like a wheat beer, but has a very clean flavor. And doesn’t leave an after taste. It has become my go-to drink whenever I can find it. Of course, Summer Shandy will never be beat. I just wish I could find it in New York (other than Yankee Stadium for $12 a glass).


I meant to mention this on National Spay Day on Feb. 28, but for some reason, Leap Year had me all confused on when it was. Anyways, I volunteer with this awesome organization called the FiXiT Foundation. The founders have created this awesome online network called GetYourFix.org, where they connect pet owners in need with sponsors to help them fund their spay/neuter operations. Check it out — there are a lot of heartwarming stories on there.


[shameless self-promotion alert] As you know, I am the Brooklyn Running Examiner (being an Examiner is a great way to spread your knowledge about anything you are an expert in, plus you have a chance to earn a little extra cash. Check it out!). Yesterday I wrote an article about some of the weirdest running gear, including muscle running tights and cowboy running boots. Definitely worth a read (if I say so myself!).

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