I’ve decided that my body has decided to have a little temper tantrum. First, the IT Band issues and most recently, the three-day flu or flu-like symptoms.

Hey body, ae you done with your temper tantrum? Because it would be really nice to get back to training for Boston, considering the race is now less than seven weeks away. Thanks.

I am finally feeling better and am somewhat convinced that the flu may not be the flu… but may be tied into some of the other issues I’ve been having with my stomach over the past few years. I promised my fiance I would call a doctor on Monday to get it checked out. Usually I chicken out (I have literally had this GI doctor’s information on a Post-It note next to my work computer for the past two months) because I HATE the doctor. Like hate HATE the doctor, but I really need to go — if not just for him to say things are OK. Right?

Although the best part of not eating for three days is the fact that I’ve lost five pounds. I’m sure I’ll gain it all back today.

Anyways, today we are off to see “Act of Valor” — you know, the movie that has the real NAVY Seals as actors? Apparently the critics hate it, but what I’ve heard from everyone who has seen it is that it is amazing and worth watching. We are also going to run some errands, a.k.a. do some shopping. I absolutely love Nordstrom Rack, and the fact that they have one in the middle of the city, is even more phenomenal.

Speaking of shopping, I couldn’t resist and bought my Finisher’s Jacket online. When I ran Boston in 2010, they were almost all sold out when we made it to the Expo on Sunday. They only had a few smalls left and I would hate to be stuck with a L or something that doesn’t fit right. I know people are complaining because the gear isn’t in the typical blue and yellow, but I personally love it.


I also love the hoodie design this year. I bought the 2010 version and it is still my go-to hoodie.



So considering I bought the Finisher Jacket early, that just means I have more money to spend at the Expo… right?! The thing I love about Boston is EVERYONE is walking about in Finisher Jackets from years past. I was so intimidated in 2010 because I felt like I was the only one who didn’t have a jacket from a previous year! Some people have even embroidered all the years they’ve run Boston on their favorite jacket, and that’s crazy town.


P.S. My friend Carrisa over at G-Free Runner has been nominated for the Fitness Magazine Best Running Blog Award! Go vote for her — love you forever if you do! 


What are your plans for today? What do you think of the 2012 Boston Gear? Love or hate it? 

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