After watching “Act of Valor” yesterday (which was amazing, go see it if you haven’t already!), we headed uptown to our favorite bar in the city — Rattle N Hum. It is a bar that has thirty-something beers on tap that change all the time (along with a long list of bottled beers), so you never know what to expect when you come here. Well, except for good beer. We came during a dead time so got a nice table in the corner and stuck around to watch UNC stomp on Duke. Oh yeah.

love ramses! (source)


One of my favorite things to do when we go out is people watch. Let me tell you, the people watching in New York is amazing. There was a group of people sitting across the room from us — a group of four friends, plus one of their friends and what looked like his flavor of the day girlfriend. We first noticed them because the guy and his girlfriend just sat there making out the whole time, and we were talking about how awkward that is. I hate the couples that can’t manage to reserve their PDA for a more appropriate time. OK, a quick peck on the cheek or lips here and there is cute. But eating each other’s face? No thanks.

So suddenly we see the couple get up and head into the bathroom… together. Rattle N Hum has individual rooms for bathrooms (like most places in New York), and they clearly went in with each other. For a good handful of minutes. Ummm yeah, pretty sure I won’t be touching that bathroom again…

Since their little love fest was over, it looked like their night wasn’t as fun anymore because eating each other’s face wasn’t as appealing apparently. After all, she was super unsocial and basically stared at the table, while the guy tried to talk with her friends. About 10 minutes later, they headed out and we were forced to stop being so stalkerish and pay more attention to the UNC game.

Fun night. Followed by an amazing run this morning!

Yep, I went for a 14 miler and made it all the way through! I did have some IT Band tightness… but the oddest thing was around mile 8 when it seemed like my IT Band decided to stop being such an ass and I didn’t have any tightness for the next four miles. So, I think I’m back on track for Boston Marathon training — thank God — and will be able to get in two 20s and two 17s, which should be a pretty strong training session.

My fiance (aka the super smart PT) tried using The Stick when I got back and OMG IT HURT… not on my knee, but in the area above my knee where I also have a wicked bruise from his last therapy session, so not sure if its a combination of the bruise and a tight IT Band but even just *lightly* rolling The Stick over it with no pressure was painful.

probably not as painful as T-Rex trying a cartwheel. (source)


Are you a people stalker watcher? How did your long run go this weekend? 

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