I woke up this morning and thought to myself hmm, I don’t have much to write about. And then I started thinking about my IT Band, because even though I had a great run yesterday, it is once again sore. Welcome back to the land of frustration.

So I started thinking, what if my shoes have something to do with it? I have run in Nike Pegasus shoes for as long as I can remember – I briefly switched to Mizunos and ended up with shin splints, so I vowed to never switch again. Nike has this annoying tendency where they only bring a shoe onto the market for 10 months or so, and then they release a “new ugraded version.” On my current cycle, I usually only get one – maybe two – pairs for each model. I know that they make tweaks to each model but didn’t realize that they were that significant, until now.

As I was researching this morning, the words “good for overpronators” suddenly appeared in the marketing text for the Nike Air Pegasus +28. I am not an overpronator. I am neutral, and the Pegasus is supposed to be a neutral shoe. At least it was.


Look at the changes – the heel cushioning is now considered firm, no longer soft. How can they even be considered the same shoe model? Let’s just say that I want to pound my head against the wall because I’m fairly confident that this is a contributing (and preventable!) factor to the IT Band issues.

After perusing through Runner’s World Shoe Guide (which is amazing, I never thought it was something I would need or use, but it truly is the best idea ever!), I stumbled upon several shoes that made my list. I walked over to JackRabbit Sports (amazing store!) tonight and received an awesome recommendation from the sales person — the Asics Cumulus. This didn’t make my short list, but honestly, I’m not quite sure why it didn’t.


Look at how similar it is to the Pegasus +27. This looks more in line with what my body likes to run in. Even when I tried them out on the treadmill, they felt good. Like good as in my IT Band loosened up a bit as I ran. This is a good sign, right? 

pure magic?

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