I am absolutely obsessed with Starburst Jelly Beans. Like obsessed to the point that if you touch them without asking, something bad might happen to you. Like a broken hand.

This and candy corn are the only two types of candy that I let myself have free reign over. This time, I’m limiting myself to two bags for the entire jelly bean season because I don’t want to go overboard while training for Boston. Oh, I’m training for a marathon right now? That’s right.

Today I took an extra rest day since my IT Band was feeling something wicked last night. It feels a little better, thanks to some action from The Stick and a new bruise on my leg. Another round of hip exercises and some IT Band torturing and I think tomorrow’s run will be great. I especially can’t wait to try out the new shoes.

I finally went to the doctor for some GI issues I’ve been experiencing, and basically he ordered every test under the sun. Not quite sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. My blood results should be back tomorrow, and this afternoon, I have to go for a CT scan. This means I can’t eat all day. Those jelly beans are staring me down right now…


What is your favorite candy? Have you ever had a CT scan before? What should I expect? 

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