It’s funny, when you can’t work out for whatever reason — whether its an injury or you just don’t have time — you miss that feeling of a good workout. You know, one of those where you know you kicked some butt and felt all sweaty and wonderful afterwards.

I had one of those workouts this morning! Three hips and one hooray. I did my usual route in the park — 5 miles — and wanted to step it up a bit (my fiance would be shaking his head right about now since he thinks I don’t give my body enough rest) so I did the inside of the park at a tempo pace (about 3.3 miles). It was so wonderful! I did have a little soreness in the IT Band, but I think its safe to say (*knock on wood*) that this is becoming a problem of the past.

Afterwards, I came home and did an arm workout. I haven’t done these consistently over the past few weeks so I knew that I lost some fitness. I also wanted to switch it up to make sure I was really working my arms. So, I naturally Googled “best bicep exercises.” I found this website, Project Swole and here is quite possibly the best tip article I’ve ever read:


Yes, I would love to have some big ass arms to accent my wedding dress. Um, no thanks? Although the exercises that they had listed on this website were yawn-worthy. Bicep curls, bench press, blah blah blah. Nothing monumental. I did pick up the hammer curls exercise, and I like these.


They are supposed to work your forearms as well as your biceps. Which, when I first started running marathons, my forearms would always be super sore after long runs. I did finish my workout with some push ups and I’m happy to report that I can still rock 25 push ups. Boom!

When I do my arm or ab workouts, I try to multitask during my rests between sets. Lately, I’ve been trying to brush Jax since he is so hairy (Maine Coon). Now he actually enjoys it to the point that he meows at me as I do my workouts. You know, because everything must be done on his time and at his convenience. This morning he was meowing so incessentally that Apollo, our other cat, came running in because he apparently thought that I was torturing him. Nope, just impatient. Although this has worked to my benefit since Jax has historically been a big baby when it comes to brushing so now if he’s actually begging to be brushed… score!


Do you multitask when you do weight training? What are some of your favorite arm exercises? 

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