You know it’s going to be a good day when your IT Band wakes up happy. Even with my five mile tempo run yesterday, my leg is feeling fine. I can feel that there is a huge knot on the band (ew) and am trying to work it out with The Stick, but am very excited for my 16 mile run tomorrow morning! I hope that my new shoes hold up and the run is amazing.


You know you’ve made it when your fans see your back and hair, and they immediately are like “what’s going on?” “what is he doing?” Well, as you all know, I am a HUGE fan of Lil’ Wayne. Like he is the only music I listen to on my iPod… for the past two years. So last night when we got off the Subway and I saw this, I was like what in the world is going on?!

Apparently it’s a clever campaign between Weezy and Mountain Dew (get it, DEWeezy?!) for SXSW. Pretty clever and a great partnership (you know I’m obsessed with both). I can’t wait to hear the details, but I am excited for it. Now if the man would release a new mixed tape, I’d be set!


A girl I work with introduced me to a new jewelry company this week, Freebird Designs. The jewelry is designed by someone that she knows, and the work is amazing. I love how the prices are too, because I always want to buy jewelry but then I get turned off by the gazillion dollars that they charge for a tiny pendant. I am currently in love with this ring, and really want to treat it to myself for my birthday.

Isn’t it cute!? (source)


And now since he’s on the brain, start your day with one of my favorite Liltunechi songs (an old classic)… Enjoy!

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