I think that’s a good word to sum up my week. I found my new pair of shoes and am so excited that they mirror my old Nikes so my feet has the cushioning that they need. I ran some shorter distances this week that felt, well, pretty much awesome. There was a little tightness in my IT Band, but nothing too crazy. And then, this morning hit.

I was supposed to do 16 miles. You know, Boston is creeping up quick and I still haven’t had a good training long run (two 14s, but nothing further). Well, let me back up. On Thursday, I felt my IT Band and there is a HUGE knot. I’m not medically educated and even I can feel this thing. However, my work with The Stick hasn’t managed to work it out. But I was like whatever, not a big deal. So anyways, I went out for my run this morning and I think while my new shoes are awesome and doing the best that they can to keep my feet cushioned, they couldn’t do much to loosen the already tight IT Band. I think this tightness is left over from last week’s long run.

Maybe I’m overly optimistic, but I feel like if this knot could be worked out today (ahem, Mr. Fiance), tomorrow would be a great rest day for the IT Band to stop being crabby and Monday I can go back to my normal running schedule and be good to go. RIGHT?

Anyways, I made it about 9 miles this morning and my IT Band started getting so angry that I was feeling pain my knee. I think (my highly qualified non-medical self, that is) that it’s because the IT Band was getting so tight, there was nothing else that can be done.

So that’s that. I’m determined to get at least TWO quality 20 milers in before Boston. That means this IT Band needs to shape up by next Saturday.

In other news, my birthday is on Tuesday (woo woo) so for a pre-celebration, we rented a car and are heading up to the outlet mall today. Coach, Adidas, Puma and Banana Republic top my list… I would usually be fired up for Nike, but we aren’t friends right now.


Does my theory sound a little too optimistic? How did your run go this morning? 

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