OK, are you ready for it? Today’s post isn’t going to be all about complaining and whining about my IT Band! Are you shocked?

I went for a five mile run this morning — more of a “recovery” run, I suppose from my misadventure on Saturday. It felt good! My IT Band pain was barely there, and I’m wondering if I felt it because I was thinking about it so much. Don’t get me wrong, the band is still pretty tight and I just have one big knot that I need to work out… but it definitely didn’t cause me the angst it has in week’s past. I’m not getting my hopes up too high because this has happened before in the past few weeks of this rocky road. However, I am hopeful that this is the end of the road… and I know you’re just as excited as me to not have to listen to my whines about it.

However, I am a little nervous about Boston. I haven’t had a chance to get in the long runs I was planning. So far, the furthest I’ve run is 14 miles. Although I’m coming off a two-marathon streak, I am worried that I won’t have the base that I’m used to. If my IT Band continues to cooperate this week, I think I’ll still be able to squeeze in two 20 milers before the race. I’ll feel much more at ease if that’s the case. In any case, cross your fingers for me!

As I mentioned on Saturday my fiance (let’s just call him C so I don’t have to type of fiance all the time!) and I rented a car to head up to the outlet mall in New York. It was a fun adventure and let me just say that I’m glad that I wasn’t driving.

There were some good deals, particularly at Coach which I’m slightly obsessed with. I’ve been eyeing up this bag online for awhile, and with a $50 gift card, I was able to score it for $140 (my birthday gift to myself).


We also hit up Under Armour, Adidas and Puma (I’m on strike against Nike, so no, we didn’t go there). Under Armour had the best deals and I got this sweet running tank — I love running in Under Armour shirts and I think they dominate my collection right now.


I have lost the backs to my earrings several times so the replacement ones I don’t have just don’t cut it. I decided to splurge and get some nice diamonds…


…they were a whole $1. Whoa, might break the bank there.

On the way back, I was so happy that C was driving. We had to drive through Jersey and it was a shit show to put it nicely! I don’t get how they have their roads set up — we were on a highway where the speed limit was like 65 I think and they basically had a “pit row” where people who were turning onto the highway from stores and their driveways, were slowly gaining speed before actually getting on the highway. It was so weird. I have noticed though, probably since I ride in a car once every few months, I have slight anxiety because I don’t like how unpredictable people are. I know most people don’t want to cause an accident, but man, people are just stupid distracted these days.

Oh, and I convinced C to stop at Michaels (I don’t know about you, but I used to HATE going to this store when I was little… now I wish I could spend a lot more time here) because I am working on a project for the wedding.



Any ideas on what my mystery project is? Did you do any shopping this weekend? 


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