I absolutely love seeing people with three-legged dogs. It’s one of those things that just makes me feel happy inside because I feel like many of these pups are overlooked in shelters because they aren’t perfect. But every three-legged dog I’ve seen looks like they are truly loving life. They always have an expression on their face like their life couldn’t be better.

I had a great run this morning — it was one of those days when you are reminded this is why I run. I don’t know if it was a combination of the spring weather or the fact that my injury is finally going away, but I felt energized and ready to go! I probably ran at a faster pace than usual, but since I don’t run with a watch (more on that in a different post), I didn’t have any idea of what my splits really were. Hopefully this means I am ready for my 20 miler on Saturday!

(I saw the three-legged dog at the end of my run, and it really made me smile!)

Yesterday, I had to run to Home Depot to get an additional item for my mystery DIY wedding project. I had a lot of guesses that I was working on centerpieces but nope, not that! I’m planning to work on this on Saturday so hopefully I will have some pictures posted this weekend.

any other project guesses?


I love going to Home Depot. There is just so much stuff in this store. I feel like I could wander around for at least an hour just trying to figure out how you could use half the stuff in here. It kinda makes me want to buy a fixer-upper just so I can be like, “Oh hey, I went to Home Depot and bought this thingamajig.” But I’m sure that only sounds cool to say a few times.

On the flip side, last night I kind of went on a random rant about my crocheting and knitting. Poor C. My sister bought me this awesome needle organizer for my birthday.

So I found a few more needles to stick in there, so of course I had to show it off. And then I started talking about all the fun projects I have planned! Especially for Christmas presents (which I’ll have to start in June). I literally talked about my knitting/crochet needles and projects for at least five minutes. It hit me — I am a huge nerd!

And since this is quite possibly the randomest post ever… go check out BIC Bands! They released their new spring line and I already placed my order for three. I absolutely love these (check out my review) and think they will be handy this summer when NYC feels like an oven who’s off switch broke.


What do you get nerdy about? Any other guesses for what my mystery DIY project is? 

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