I am happy to say that I completed a 20 miler this morning! Three cheers for that. I must admit, it wasn’t the prettiest run in the world. Things were going great up until mile 17 or 18 and then the good ol’ IT Band tightness kicked in. Ugh. I did find a stretch that seemed to work to help ease the tightness, but it was not a fun couple of miles.

Through the years of training for marathons, I’ve learned that you will have good training runs and you will have bad ones. It’s hard to forget the bad runs, but it’s important to let them go. Marathoning is a mental game, and when you have a bad run you have to use it as an opportunity to learn from it. If you think about it that way, it’s easy to move past it and look forward to the next run.

I suppose the important thing is that I ran 20 miles, and that my endurance is still here! Considering Boston is now less than a month away, this is huge. Speaking of Boston, they assigned bib numbers — I am 13738. I love that it starts with 13, my favorite and most lucky number!

Three things I loved about my run this morning:

  1. The park was dead this morning. Pretty sure it was a combination of it being St. Patrick’s Day weekend and the fact that NYC Half is tomorrow, but I’ll take it!
  2. The weather was beautiful. It was in the high 40s when I left the house, and the park was covered in fog… making me wish I had a camera with me! West Side Highway was no different.
  3. I ran 20 miles. Plain and simple. So happy to know that I’ll still be able to squeeze two of these in before marathon day!


Now it’s time to relax in my Aspaeris compression shorts and my RunLove Compression socks to watch the basketball games and work on some freelance projects. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


What are you doing for St. Patrick’s Day? How do you move past a bad run? 


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