I’ve been writing this post in my head for a few days, trying to make sure I have it organized the best way. This is the first in a series of three posts describing my experience with finding out if I have a gluten allergy. 


I posted a few weeks ago that I went to a GI doctor because I was having some issues. What issues you may ask? Well without going into all the details, think of any GI symptom out there (minus acid reflux), and I was experiencing it. For the past six months. It would flare up at times, and then, I would tell myself I would go see a doctor. See, I really hate going to the doctor and try to avoid it at all costs. I think it’s a time suck and most often, a waste of money because they never really tell you anything, in my experience (I used to get strep a lot and they would insist it was a ‘virus’ so I would have to fight for antibiotics. One time, I went in for strep and they refused to give me medication, but the doctor said he could give me a tetanus shot instead. Mm-kay). Anyways, I had this doctor’s name written down for about two months before I finally called him.

Another red flag for me was when I was measured for my wedding dress. My body measured at a size two, and my stomach measured at a size eight! Granted, I do not eat healthy to a T, but I feel like I eat pretty healthy and plus, I work out more than the average person. So wow, what’s up with that? And, remember when I thought I had the flu? I don’t think it was really the flu, but another symptom. I didn’t have that aching, stuffy nose, coughing, hot sweats, etc. that goes along with the flu. I had nausea, lost my appetite and also a tiny fever, but as Dr. WebMD, I found out that this could be related to some GI issues. So off to the doctor I went.

My experience was AWFUL, first of all, I had to wait for one-and-a-half hours PAST my appointment before I was able to get in (I scheduled it at 12:30 and expected to be back in the office within an hour – you know, over my lunch break – but no, I had to push back a 2:30 meeting because I was still there). And, this was only because I went up to the receptionist and asked for my co-pay back. So I finally get to see him and tell him my symptoms, and he ordered every test in the book. Blood work, CT scan, poop test, endoscopy, colonoscopy… and said in about three weeks, hopefully we’d have an answer otherwise “I guess it’s just IBS.” I was kind of annoyed because he didn’t ask anything about my diet or exercise routines, nor about my grandma dying from colon cancer, and I thought those were important.

So I played along and did the blood work and the CT scan the next day. In a matter of two days, I sat in doctor’s offices for nearly six hours. My results were supposed to be back for both tests the next morning.

To be continued… 

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