Um, did you hear all that racket this weekend? Yeah, that was the sound of everyone’s brackets busting (OK, maybe I shouldn’t quit my day job to become a comedian…). But either way, HOLY BUCKETS. The games were out of control this weekend with a lot of upsets. I thought that Florida State — who previously beat Duke and UNC — would make it further than they did. Ugh. Now I’m kind of hoping that every high-seeded team loses so that what’s left of people’s brackets is detroyed more (well, minus UNC since they are our team).

Since we were watching the games all weekend and we are kind of anti-social when it comes to watching big-deal sporting events, I made some homemade pizza on Saturday night.



It was SO good. We even splurged and bought some fresh mozzarella (well, and couldn’t find where the shredded cheese was in the grocery store we were at).

On Sunday, I woke up bright and early to volunteer at the NYC Half. It was the perfect day for running a half, and I was slightly depressed when I saw all the runners on the subway (NYC Half is pretty much harder to get into than the NYC Marathon; I’ve entered the lottery two years in a row with no love). I was assigned to help out at the medal station, which was so cool! It was fun to get a behind-the-scenes look at all the work that goes into organizing a race.

organizing the chaos before the runners arrive.


One runner told me she wanted me to put her medal on her since I “do it like in the Olympics.” Now that might be a valid second career choice… no?

And really, I know everyone complains about NYRR (I think if you are a runner in New York, it’s a requirement), but they really know how to put on a race. The amount of resources that they use for their races (not to mention paying the city boat loads of money to rent out Times Square so people can run through it for the half) is amazing and I don’t think you can find any other running club that has the same dedication to its running community.

I also got to see Meb again. He came through and high-fived all the volunteers after his race (which I think is awesome, there wasn’t another elite that did that!). Luckily he didn’t recognize me because I didn’t want to start looking like Pauly D’s stalker.

Since I was kind of sleep deprived, I wasn’t feeling that creative and didn’t tackle my mystery DIY project… I did work on our invitations though! Mystery DIY project will be tackled next weekend.

Today’s run was great — I am loving this beautiful spring weather and not to mention, the fact that my IT Band has finally cooled its jets. I can’t believe that Boston is coming up so quickly, but I am so excited for it!


Have you volunteered at a race before? What is your favorite thing about running in the beautiful spring weather? 

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