Happy first day of Spring!!! Before I get into why I love this time of year (almost as much as fall), just wanted to say thank you for all of your kind words regarding my recent doctor experience! I really think we need to overhaul healthcare in this country for more reasons than one, and hearing about your ridiculous experiences actually makes me feel better since it’s good to know I’m not the only one that has had a terrible experience.

This morning was absolutely beautiful for a run. I do not like driving in the fog, but running in it is a different story! I felt like Prospect Park was turned into a magical land because fog just has that quality. Well, until I missed being hit with bird poop by about three seconds. Nothing says good morning like that.

I did a tempo run in the park which was so fun — I especially love it on the one side of the park that’s kind of wah-wah boring since it makes it go a little quicker. I was in my last mile or so of cool down and saw the bus that stops right in front of my apartment. And I thought to myself hey, I should try and beat the bus back to my place! I was going to run down a parallel avenue so it worked out great… and I’m happy to say that I was already in my apartment, walking to the window before I heard it come by. Granted, it had to stop at lights and I didn’t… but I also had to run up hill for an extra avenue. It’s the small things.

Speaking on the small things, I love Spring! Maybe because I’m a Spring baby, but it really is a great time of year. Here are some reasons why I love Spring:

  • Everyone is so happy — New Yorkers don’t do well with cold weather or snow, and it’s amazing to see how happy and bubbly everyone is. The parks are filled with people and everyone just seems more cheerful. It’s important to enjoy this frame of mind now because in a month, everyone will be whining about how hot it is (considering very few apartment buildings have central air, it’s warranted).
  • Spring storms — Granted, they are kind of weak here but I absolutely love spring thunderstorms!
  • The greening of the city — I love walking outside and seeing that a new tree has blossomed seemingly over night, or that new trees have buds on them. I think the transition from bare branches to full green trees is amazing and it’s hard not to be one of those happy people when you see that happening.
  • Dresses and skirts! — Since moving to NYC, these have become my staple clothing items… but in the winter, not so fun. So I’m happy to finally break these out again… it also means my wardrobe is about twice as big as it is in the winter months.
  • Great running weather — What can I say, Spring brings around great running weather — not too hot with the right amount of chill. I am one of those weird people that likes coming back from a run sweaty (it shows I did something!) and it’s great to have that again… since in winter, I feel frozen no matter how much gear I wear.


What are your favorite things about Spring? Do you ever try to race things or people during your runs? 

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