This is the last post in my series about why I quit eating gluten. Read my first post here and my second one here

So on Monday, March 12, I decided that I would try to not eat gluten for a few weeks and see what happens. After 48 hours, I felt amazing. My stomach no longer hurt, the bloating was going away and I felt like I had more energy than I had in the past few months.

So I continued on. And now, it’s been just over a week and I’m still doing GREAT without gluten. Granted, I never got an “official” diagnosis, but I think it’s safe to say that I do have a gluten intolerance, considering how much things have changed for me. While it won’t always be easy, I think it will be worth it – to no longer have that gross feeling. I felt like it was starting to weigh on my self-esteem and make me feel worse about myself, and I didn’t know why. I didn’t understand why my stomach was getting bigger – or staying the same – even though I was in the process of marathon training for a straight six months.

As you know, we eat out. A lot. It’s just part of being a New Yorker! So one of the things I want to add (soon) to this blog is a review of restaurants – the good, the bad and the ugly – for people who live gluten-free. Already I’ve had two experiences that I can’t wait to share as one is definitely good and another is ugly.  I’ll also be adding in some of my favorite gluten-free recipes too, under the recipes tab – and I promise, they’ll all be yummy, even for you gluten eaters!

I’m excited to share my journey forward with you guys and want to thank you all for “listening.” Not feeling well and not knowing why can be frustrating, and it’s amazing how much of an impact it has on your day-to-day life without you realizing it.

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