You know I mentioned that I ordered some stuff from Victoria’s Secret yesterday and they ship super fast? They already shipped it this morning! I should have it by the weekend. I wish all companies were so efficient!

I don’t know about you, but it’s been super foggy here all week. I like it — even though it makes things a little bit more humid. But it’s almost like running with an automatic misting machine spraying your face and keeping you cool.

Since my busted leg has been feeling significantly better with only a little soreness here and there, I decided to do an eight mile run this morning. And I pushed myself throughout the whole thing, which was a a great feeling. I ran past two guys running and heard the one say to the other, “If you put your miles in here, in this park, you’ll be prepared for any marathon you run.” I think that’s so true! Prospect Park has several BIG hills and is just a great track to build up endurance. No wonder why I’m so hooked on it!

Speaking of things I’m hooked on, one of those things are these member of the month clubs that have been popping up. I was one of the original members of Shoedazzle, but once people realized the shoes they were selling were really $10 shoes marked up to $40 because Kim Kardashian slappd her name on the box, I cancelled my membership. I’m still a member of JustFabulous, which is the same idea but they actually sell higher quality products (although I haven’t bought anything for months because they seem to cater for people who live in the clubs).

So like Groupon, which spurred hundreds of deal sites, these member of the month clubs have expanded. I even heard there is a teddy bear of the month club? Anyways, I found this random one called Julep. It’s a nail polish company based out in Seattle. For $20, they send you a goody box filled with nail polish, hand cremes, etc. I found a coupon so I could get my first box for a penny. I’ll take it!

pretty packaging.

I have to admit, the nail polishes were slightly smaller than I was expecting. But, I’ve never really used a bottle of nail polish to the end so maybe it’s not a big deal.

I do love the colors — they are different than what I would buy, but very pretty. I tried the pale pink last night and now have six nails painted. Oops.

If you’re interested, I used the code PENNY when I signed up for Julep. You don’t have to buy the next month so if you want, you can sign up for a penny and then split a few weeks later. Here’s the link.

Are you a member of any monthly retail clubs? Do you ever have those runs where you’re in the mood to work extra hard? 

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