Apparently, Apollo felt like he did something wrong and needed to punish himself.

He sat like that the entire time I made breakfast this morning. Or maybe he just didn’t want to look at me.

This morning was a 17-mile run that went relatively well. Why “relatively”? Once again, my knee started acting up at the end. The last two miles. But if I would stop and do some exercises/stretches, when I started running again, it was fine. I’m hoping this is just residual from the IT Band fun? Right? Next weekend is my last long run before Boston, so hoping that it goes well and that the taper phase also serves as somewhat of a recovery phase.

Of course, since it’s so nice out, the Brooklyn Bridge is getting busier. Which means it’s starting to become a hassle to run over, even early in the morning. It wouldn’t be so bad but people seem to lose their minds when they get on the bridge. They forget that they aren’t the only people who are traveling across and seem to think that they need to walk with their arms out to take up as much space as they can. Oh, and not to mention, since they don’t have their brains, they look at you like your an alien if you say “excuse me” or “on your right.”

Oh, and not to mention the douchebag guy that pasted plastic googly eyes on his hand to make a face (you know, like you thought was cool when you were five) and proceeded to walk around the bridge with his “friend” talking and yelling at people. Tourist, much?

Now we’re off to see the Hunger Games. I’ve heard great things, so excited to see it!


Have you seen or are you going to see the Hunger Games? What are your pet peeves when you run? 

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