Last night I made the easiest pasta dish ever. I took a can of crushed tomatoes, heated it up to a simmer with some minced garlic and olive oil, threw in some freshly ground pepper and parmesan cheese, followed by some chunks of chicken and wa-lah, serve it over some spaghetti for chicken spaghetti.

This was my first time eating gluten-free pasta (well, besides Eataly) and it wasn’t too bad! I’ve heard that it’s nasty so I didn’t know what to expect, and I actually liked it (really, I didn’t notice a difference from normal pasta except the texture was slightly different).

At some point during my 20 miler on Saturday, I got attacked my a bug. OK, I guess not attacked… but I have this huge bug bite on my leg (I was going to post a picture, but it looks gross so I’ll save you from that. You’re welcome.). The spot is swollen and is like one inch square. Ew. I’m not sure what it is, but I hope it goes away soon… although it could just be a mosquito bite, since I’ve found that as I get older, they make me swell up more than they used to. Weird. Gross. Anyways.

Recovery five miler this morning and I lived on the edge… I *gasp* ran the wrong way around the park. Did you know running the same route, on the same part of the road, can actually be a cause for IT Band issues? Yep. Who would think that something that minor would cause such issues? Anyways, it was kind of refreshing this morning. Once I moved past the OCD “I don’t know exactly where I’m at” feeling.

Afterwards, I did a quick ab workout. The plank is getting easier! Remember my FABruary goal to do a 3 minute plank? Well, I’m up to 1:30… progress. Might have to return to that goal in April… or ABril… doesn’t work? Fine.

(this has nothing to do with my post but it's too cute not to share)


Do you run the same route over and over again? What’s your longest plank hold time (show me up!)? 

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