Last night, we were lucky to see our alma mater (Minnesota) play in the Not In Tournament NIT Tournament at Madison Square Garden. We had pretty good seats, at least for $55 way better than you could get if you were watching the Knicks.


It was a good game for the first half, Gophers were up by quite a bit at half-time. I also got some ice cream. Yum. For some reason, stadium ice cream tastes like no other ice cream and I kinda like it. We were also busy watching this lady:


Apparently watching cat videos is better than watching the game that you bought tickets to. C said that this is what he has to look forward to in 30 years. Puh-lease, cat-playing-piano is so amateur. I will have way better videos to watch — maybe a cat knitting a hat.

Anyways, this guy randomly came up to us before the second half started and asked if we wanted his tickets that were courtside. Um, yes?



Let’s just say this adds a whole new dynamic to the game. Pure stress. But it was so fun! And I saw us on the jumbotron a few times while they were having an intense timeout discussion. The game ended up going into overtime and the Gophers pulled out a win. What a great night.

hi tubby. i heard a ref call him "tub."


But what’s not great? Getting home late on a school night and getting up for work the next day. We let ourselves sleep in by 6 minutes (because that made a huge difference). I did a five mile run this morning, my last run before my last 20 miler on Friday. It went much better than yesterday, perhaps because my body is too tired to whine about pain? Or maybe the research Katherine at Sweat Passion and Tears found is right — she found something saying that IT Bands can act up in colder weather if not covered (yesterday I ran in shorts, today in capris).


How do you find energy the day after a long night? Have you ever received an awesome deal because of a complete stranger? 

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