Do you play the lottery? I can’t believe that Mega Millions is up to $500 million! That is absolutely insane. I also can’t believe that the person who wins that will most likely be broke in a few years.

Unless it’s me. I know that playing the lottery is a big rip off, but I love playing. I think that paying a few bucks for some tickets is totally worth it — I mean really, you are paying for the entertainment of dreaming what it would be like to win that much money! But let’s face it, I probably have a better chance of winning Mega Millions than the ING NYC Marathon lottery… 

I think I would become a “professional” runner, aka just run a lot and run some cool races. I think we would travel a bunch too! And buy a few houses. Plus, donate a bunch to charity or even make my own charity. I should have a more official plan once I win on Friday.

So tonight I had back to Wisconsin for the weekend to do a bunch of wedding stuff for me and my friend. I am standing up in a friend’s wedding this summer so we are trying on dresses and just having a girl’s day — it should be fun. Of course, I made myself this unachievable to-do list last night because I suddenly had to cram a million things in.

My sister and her family just moved into a new house, so I crocheted some washcloths for her as a housewarming gift. I finally finished that sock monkey I knit a few weeks ago.

It turned out cute! I hope my niece likes it.

Since Saturday is going to be busy with a capital b, I am going to do my last long run — 20 miles — tomorrow. C started my day off with a mini-sesh of PT so hopefully that helps this evil IT Band. Fingers crossed the run goes well!

What would you do if you won the lottery? Do you stress yourself out sometimes? 

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