Traveling out of New York City is the worst experience in the world. I am not exaggerating.

It’s like that city has a powerful hold on it’s residents and makes it feel like hell to even try to leave the city. Both times we’ve tried to leave for Thanksgiving, we arrived at the airport 30 minutes before our flight. When we went to Chicago to run the marathon, we had to wait like an hour before we could get on the tram to travel the one mile to get to Newark (we considered walking it until our flight was delayed… by two hours).

Last night I was excited because everything was flowing seamlessly together for me to catch my flight to Wisconsin. The train and bus lined up for minimal waiting, security was a breeze and for once, there were no delays.

I even had time to stop and get a drink and salad at the bar.

buffalo chicken, yum.


Then I got on the plane. I was assigned to seat 11A. But, Frontier didn’t have seat 11A on their plane. They had row 10… and then 12.



I didn’t know what to do, so I grabbed a random seat until the flight attendant could help. When I asked her, she said “oh yeah, I knew there was something off when we left Milwaukee.” Ummm, OK? Luckily there were a few open seats so I snagged one in the exit row (with an empty one next to me, I thought all exit row seats had to be filled?), but so bizarre. So not a great response to someone who heard for the last hour that the plane was full… and now didn’t have a seat (apparently they were¬†exaggerating).

And remember that 20 mile run I was supposed to do this morning? Not if Mother Nature has anything to do with it. It is currently POURING out… I prefer not to run in the pouring rain — I will if its sprinkling or a light rain — especially a few weeks before a marathon, I do not need to get sick! My options are a) to see if my parents can set up my mom’s treadmill to do it there or b) wait until Sunday to run it once I get home. I’m sure it’ll be option B (which you know my IT Band loves).


What’s your worst travel experience? Do you run outside if its pouring?¬†

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