Is it just me or isn’t it kinda amazing to start the day with some new shampoo and conditioner? I mean, seriously… I feel like a million bucks. If I did this daily, I would probably be the happiest girl on the planet. But I would probably be super broke.

Last night I ventured to Target, which is in no way the Target you are imagining in your head right now. I did manage to get everything on my shopping list and as a bonus, didn’t have to stand in line for 45 minutes. I also came across this:

Who knew that the Midwest had a style of barbecue sauce? (Maybe this is why it’s on clearance?) I don’t really remember eating a lot of barbecue growing up. I don’t even remember having barbecue sauce in the house on a regular basis (which, with a Texan in the house, is a major requirement these days). I think the closest was sloppy Joe’s, which my mom made with ketchup.

But back to running. This morning was a rough one to wake up since we had to watch Kansas vs. Kentucky showdown! I’m pretty sure all of Kentucky’s team will be announcing that they are going pro since they looked like a NBA team all season. I finally got up and ready to go and did a five mile run with some stride outs. I don’t think they should be called sprints, because they weren’t anything extremely fast… but it was nice to stretch out my legs and incorporate some speedwork. I am simply amazed that by integrating in some new hip stretches, my IT Band has been behaving lately! Fingers crossed.

Oh, and I also wanted to mention, that since I’m totally original a big copycat, I will be taking a picture-a-day this month to create a fun photo montage. Rebecca over at Miles and Laurel did this for March, and I thought it looked so neat! What a cool way to remember the month.

Hey Midwesterners, do you think we have a “style” of BBQ sauce? What did you think about the championship game last night? 

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