There’s really no other way to describe this other than pure awesomeness. BBC did a special promo in NYC today to kick off its new show, “No Kitchen Required,” which premieres tonight. As part of the promo, they worked with several food trucks around the city to give away FREE lunch to some lucky people! Myself included.

best idea. ever.

You had me at free.

I met up with my friend Ed and we headed over there at noon, when it started, and were surprised that we were among the first 300 – which means we got free t-shirts!

The line wasn’t bad, we waited for maybe 15 minutes and had a choice between falafel, burgers, dumplings and tacos. I chose the tacos from Mexicue because I did a quick search before we went and found that all of their tacos are gluten-free. Score.

yum. times 20.

It was absolutely delicious and such a cool idea for a promo (coming from someone in the industry that plans these things!). It even makes me want to watch the show (and not just for the chance to win a trip to Hawaii…) just to see what it’s all about.

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