Is it just me, or did this week seemingly take forever? TGIF for reals this time! I can’t believe that the Boston Marathon is coming up so fast. It always seems like the last few weeks of marathon training fly by (which is fine, because I hate taper phase). Tomorrow is a “long” run of eight miles and I know next week is pretty easy. Today, of course, is my usual rest day and I’m taking full advantage — who loves getting another hour of sleep in the morning?!


Did you hear that President Obama got some new custom kicks from New Balance? They are like the shoes that old people wear minus the velcro pretty sweet.


I think they should have funked it up with some crazy colors. But the idea behind it is pretty cool; it is part of a campaign for him to approve a bill that requires the military to give personnel shoes that are made right here in the U.S.A. Apparently, there is some clothing that they have that requirement, but shoes aren’t one of them.


This picture will make you melt. I’m not kidding.


And this is why if I ever saw a polar bear in real life, I would try to hug it. Especially this little one, who is apparently Knut’s half sister.


I must say that I’m pretty stoked that “American Reunion” is coming out this weekend.

Are you going to go see it? I remember when “American Pie” came out, my sister and now brother-in-law were going to sneak me in (and I distinctly remember that ticket prices for $4.75!) but then chickened out and we went to see “Bowfinger” instead which was horrible. I really hope they did a good job putting this movie together because I hate when they do sequels that suck. But it looks promising.

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