Last night I came home to some fun mail — a letter from my niece!

She is six years old and when I saw her last weekend, I gave her the sock monkey that I knit. She is in love with it, and even took it into school for show and tell. I told her that I would try to make it some clothes too. Anyways, her letter had the randomness that can only happen in the mind of a six-year-old. She told me she loved the monkey, but also threw in that she likes my handwriting and that I’m pretty. So cute.

Candy corn.


So this morning was my last “long” run before the marathon. Eight miles — watch out! While running, I started freaking out about Boston. But the good thing about running for over an hour is you have lots of time to convince yourself otherwise. I’m just nervous because this training plan has been so messed up — dealing with the IT band issues the whole time and giving up gluten, my body has been through a lot and I really hope that its not reflected in my time. I just have to remember my race mantra — HAVE FUN — because that’s the most important part of racing and why we do it.

I consoled myself with some (gluten-free) French toast and turkey bacon for breakfast.

i did share. two for me, two for C.

Have you had turkey bacon? I love it. It tastes like real bacon (mostly, unless you get your bacon straight from the butcher… there is no comparison to that amazing-ness) and is much healthier. Plus, it’s really easy to cook. I love when my bacon is extremely crispy and somewhat burn. C thinks I’m crazy.

Do you get nervous before a big race? How do you like your bacon?

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