So the Boston Marathon is six days away and since I can’t spend my time running (boo taper), I am instead spending my time analyzing the weather.


Please tell me how these forecasts are all so different. Weather Underground = 55; = 75; Accuweather = 62. My hotel told me 80 in their little email they send. Um, right. So lets just hope Weather Underground is the most accurate!

Last night, I decided to make some hardboiled eggs for my salads this week. I forgot to do it as I was making dinner, so I put on a pot with eggs to boil afterwards. My mom told me her super secret recipe this weekend, which is to boil the eggs for five minutes and then let it sit in the water for 12 minutes. So, I put the eggs on to boil…

…and went back to work on invitations. And then we started watching TiVo, I started doing random stuff on the internet…

…C went to get some ice cream for a snack about 1-1/2 hours later and it was at that point that I realized my eggs were STILL boiling (mostly because he yelled from the kitchen asking what I was doing with the boiling water on the stove… which pretty much had disappeared by that point…)…

Five minutes, 90 minutes — what’s the difference? Pretty sure this is the biggest blonde moment I’ve ever had in my life. I have no idea how I completely forgot about them!

surprisingly, only one cracked. and none exploded!



Do you worry about the weather before a big race? Do you think my eggs are still edible? What’s your biggest blonde moment ever?

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