Two random thoughts:

  1. I hate when people litter. Like, you really can’t walk over to that garbage can and throw your junk away, that you most likely have been carrying around for longer than you realized? This is one of the things I loved about Japan — the streets were SO clean (nevermind that they had people who swept the sidewalks) and the people are so respectful of the environment.
  2. I feel a small victory when I’m able to color coordinate my bras, undies and socks.

And no, I’m not talking about the big day as in October 13, our coming up extremely fast wedding day. I am of course talking about Boston! I’m happy to report that the projected high for the day has dropped — it looks like the cold front is moving in a little faster so the high is now 67. That, I can deal with.


But, I feel like preparing for Boston is unique, mostly because Boston is like no other marathon. Since you sit and wait for the start for a few hours, you need some throwaway gear (the runner’s camp is entertaining because people are dressed in some weird stuff). Because of the late start, there are other food considerations. Which reminds me, anyone know of a good gluten-free power/energy bar? And, because of the number of people, it’s important to get to the expo early in order to get the goods. When I ran in 2010, we waited until early afternoon on Sunday and I snagged the last small in the sweatshirt. They also hand out these awesome posters that have every runner’s name on them.

yeah, i framed it. nbd.

How cool is that? C’s mom asked a vendor if she could have theirs, otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten one. I think we’re going to go to the expo on Saturday just to pick up the poster, and then go back Sunday to do the expo tour when my other half (Kelly) gets into town.

Other tips for first-time Boston runners:

  • Bring a Sharpie! I loved this tip — I suppose this could be done for any marathon; but I had read that people write their names down their arms so the fans know who they are cheering for. Definitely on my list to pack.
  • Wear sunscreen. I know this should be done on any run, but I read some horror stories over on the Runner’s World forums about people who had the worst sunburn on their arms afterwards. Which only looked weirder after the Sharpie was washed away…
  • Plan your pre-marathon dinner now. For people who eat pasta as their last dinner before the marathon, the Italian restaurants book up pretty fast. It’s smart to make a reservation now so you aren’t waiting in line for two hours. But for us people who eat at Chipotle (wait, that’s just me?!), no need to worry.
  • Have fun. Boston is such an amazing race, and I know I say this with every marathon, but it’s important to have fun and remember why you are there in the first place. It will give you a chance to enjoy the course and the crazy fans, which is what it’s all about!

Do you have any tips for first-time Boston runners? Any recos for a gluten-free energy bar? 

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