Pretty sure NordicTrack made my week yesterday, or even possibly month.

Yep, I won! I never win anything. But that doesn’t stop me from entering a billion giveaways, including Skinny Runner’s most recent giveaway of like 16 products.

So I’m excited to use this baby after Boston!

look, even in boston's colors! (source)

I must admit that I’m a little nervous about this being my first marathon as gluten free. Especially since we will be eating out a lot the next few days, so I really hope I don’t get “glutened” on accident. I did stock up on Lara Bars, thanks Carrisa at G-Free Runner for the recommendation! I tried Coconut Cream Pie this morning and ohmigoditwasAHmazing.

But I am looking forward to the race, to see how it feels since when I ran the Houston Marathon, I had extreme stomach pain/side aches throughout the race… and now I think it might be correlated with my gluten allergy. It makes sense, right?

Have you ever won a giveaway? Do you have any Boston restaurant recos? 

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