TGIF! TGIF! TGIF! Who else is super excited that it’s Friday?! I’m also pumped that my legs feel significantly better than yesterday which means I will most likely be running tomorrow! Score. And you know what’s kind of funny but weird? I didn’t put sunscreen on my forehead because I didn’t want it to drip into my eyes, and the right side of my forehead is more sunburnt than the left — apparently that’s where the sun was its strongest? It looks a little strange right now, but I guess it’s just a battle wound…


Speaking of Boston, Runner’s World published this article with stats about medical treatment:

“On an average normal marathon Monday, we treat approximately 600-750 runners on site, and have anywhere from 20-25 hospital transports. This year we had 2,181 athletes or spectators treated in the four medical aids tents along the course and in the three tents at the finish line,” says Marc Davis, communications manager for the B.A.A.

In comparison, at the 2007 Chicago Marathon, which experienced nearly identical temperatures and was called off three hours and thirty minutes into the race, 185 runners were sent to the hospital, according to a 2008 Runner’s World report. That year, 8,700 runners, or 19% of registrants, didn’t start, whereas 4,290 people, or 16.1%, of those entered didn’t start in Boston.

I think everyone did a great job of running smart. That same article says it was 89 degrees at 12:30 p.m. And my sister just sent me a text this morning that they woke up to snow in Wisconsin… let’s not talk about it.


Have you seen the list of the 21 worst things in the world? Absolutely hilarious. And so very true. I definitely agree with this one:


Just a reminder that the Sweat Pink giveaway ends tonight so make sure to enter… it’s easy! I will announce winners on tomorrow’s blog post. Plus, be excited… this is the first of a few upcoming giveaways. Who doesn’t love free stuff?!

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