Done, done, done and DONE! I’m so excited to report that I finally finished up the invitations. Signed, sealed and almost delivered. I dropped about a third at the post office yesterday (I think everyone in line behind me wanted to kill me since they have to weigh each and every one…) and the rest today.

What a great feeling!

I actually considered skipping my run this morning since I really wanted to finish these up. Instead, I shortened my run and skipped the arm workout afterwards because I knew if I didn’t run at least a few miles, I’d be kicking myself later.

Especially since today is Marathon Opening Day! It’s the day when NYRR announces who is “IN” for this year’s ING NYC Marathon. I dropped my name in the lottery, but have probably a 1% chance of actually getting in since they don’t let in a lot of people from NYC since we can get in with guaranteed entry. I’m going that route next year, but really hoping I get super lucky so I can get in… fingers crossed. I ran the ING NYC Marathon in 2010 and it was an AMAZING race. Even though the price is steep (I think it’s around $250 this year!), it is so worth it because there really is no other marathon like it.

Anyways, Marathon Opening Day kicks off at 12 p.m. EST with an online broadcast that announces some names and has special guest appearances. I tried to RSVP to attend, but it filled up so fast I didn’t have a chance. Ah well, my computer screen is just as great, right??
Did you put your name in for the ING NYC Marathon lottery? What’s your favorite race? 

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