Last night, I didn’t know what to do with myself. After spending the past week dedicating my time to assembling invitations, and the week before that stressing about the Boston Marathon, it was kind of like… now what? I must admit, it was nice to have a break.

Anyways, it gave me a chance to think about my post-race reward. I have this tradition where, for everyone marathon I run, I “gift” myself something afterwards as a reward. Really, it’s just an excuse to shop for myself. After the ING NYC Marathon in 2010 (oh, by the way, I didn’t get in this year… boo… although I’m not that surprised since the lottery is nearly impossible for NYC residents), I treated myself to a knitting class.

This time around, I’m going to go with some clothes…

I’ve been eyeing up these awesome distance shorts from Oiselle. I haven’t strayed from Nike for years (but since we aren’t friends anymore…_, but I’m excited to try something new out.

they look so comfy... (source)

As you know, I’m a little in love with Lil’ Wayne. He recently kicked off a clothing line called Trukfit and even more recently, he released women’s shirts.

Even though I’m not a skater, totally in love.

Oh, and did you hear about the marathon relay that GoGazella launched? It’s FREE to sign up and you can win some awesome prizes! You create a team of two to six runners and between now and the end of June, you have to race for 52 miles. For a race to count, the results have to be available online that you can link to.

Anyone want to create a team? I have a few races between now and then (including the Brooklyn Half) and it sounds fun — plus I’m always in for some free stuff! Either comment below with your email address or email me at and we’ll discuss!

Do you reward yourself after completing a race? What do you typically treat yourself to? 

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