I think my legs are most excited that it’s Friday! They are ready for a good break but <insert evil laugh here> little do they know, they are in for a race this weekend! It’s the Run For One 4M with NYRR, so it should be a sweet and short race. I always love running a short race a week or two after a marathon because it seems like it’s extra short after 26.2.

Oh and P.S. If you are up for the virtual race with GoGazella, I recommend creating your account now because they have to verify it before they let you in. I did it this morning and it took awhile. Anyways, any ideas for fun names? I like Pavement Princesses — too girly? Crazy is a State of Mind? Any thoughts? So excited for this!


My cat was planning my demise last night.

He stared at me like this for at least 30 minutes. Perhaps I didn’t prepare his canned gourmet dinner well enough. I really thought he was going to spring and attack me. So bizarre because usually we are BFFs… true cat lady style.


Have you guys heard about DollarShaveClub.com? I just saw the teaser yesterday and it’s pretty darn funny:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUG9qYTJMsI]

I am a little bummed that they don’t have women’s razors. I mean, why are razors so expensive anyways?! It doesn’t make sense. C signed up so we’ll report back about how the blades are (I may or may not be planning on stealing a few). Apparently demand is high because they can’t ship his first order until May 10! That’s always a good sign.


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