So how did I run a marathon in 87-degree weather in Boston a few weeks ago? When I woke up this morning, temperatures were in the high 30s. I had to break out the winter running gear — capris and a long sleeve. Oh, Mother Nature.

I ended up doing an eight miler, which was really nice. Except I hit the park two hours later than usual and it gets so busy, which means a lot of maneuvering around people (good practice for race day?)… but it also means I don’t have to worry about seeing this guy. It was nice; I had an extremely frustrating day at work yesterday so I felt like I pounded out a lot of that stress. Always a great way to start the day.

I meant to post this last weekend, but things got crazy. I wanted to share what my training plan looked like for Boston. Keep in mind that I didn’t follow this very well because of the IT Band injury, but this is the plan that I was going for.

It’s one that I created on my own based on previous plans that work for me. I’ve learned that if I do a run — even an easy run — the day before a long run, my long run will suck. So I always have that day as a rest day. I PR’ed at NYC in 2010, and that was the craziest time in my life. We had just moved to New York, I started a New York job (which means later days and longer hours) requiring me to adjust to running in the morning and my grandmother passed away. I only had nine weeks of training (coming off little training because of Florida summer heat), but miraculously pulled out a PR by 10 minutes. I tried to build what I did during that training plan into this one. Plus, since Boston was my third marathon in three months, I felt like I had a strong base to build from.

I guess I’ll never know how effective this plan was because of the weather. When I train for my next marathon, I’ll probably step it up a bit during the week runs only because I won’t have a base like I did for Boston. But, the long runs will be similar.

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How do you build your training plans? What are you doing this beautiful Saturday? 

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