Yesterday was a busy day. After the Run As One 4M, we headed over to Pies N Thighs in Williamsburg for brunch, which is absolutely amazing. If you visit the city, go there.

We then went into the city to run some errands. C went to this shoe store called Flight Club, where they sell really hard-to-find shoes (can you believe that they had some shoes for $800+ in there?!). They also had hats and watches.

this is like 1/4 of the wall of shoes.

Let’s just say he was like a kid in the candy shop!

We also went sunglass shopping and he bought a new pair. Last year, he splurged bought a pair of “polarized” sunglasses in Chinatown. Basically the polarization was magnifying everything slightly, and adding a line to the lens. Oh, and the day he bought them, the lens popped out. Real quality. This time was much better.

brooklyn view! love this building.

This is One Hanson Place, and it’s the tallest structure in Brooklyn. I love the big clock — I can usually see it a few times on my runs and it helps me keep time.

And the part you’ve all been waiting for… the winner of the latest giveaway! Congratulations to Kelli @ Howdy from NYC! Please email me within 48 hours at to claim your prize!

How did you spend your Sunday? What’s your favorite store ever?
 I seriously love going into Lion Brand Studio in New York City. I love going into crafting stores in general. I feel like I could spend hours figuring out new projects and buying stuff!

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